News October 11, 2022

Celebrating 40 Years With Coldwell Banker!

Lets CELEBRATE!  40 YEARS of being affiliated with the Coldwell Banker® Brand with clients, family, friends & the community! Evergy Plaza in downtown Topeka is undeniably the coolest space to have a private outdoor event like this.

Clients got to experience walking the “Blue” Carpet! Sing 2? Yes please! and kids are NOT required for you to enjoy that movie. Seriously, if you haven’t seen that movie yet, it’s a must.

Kansas weather is amazing. It was a warm day at first but as soon as the sun went down it was time to grab our blankets. Before the sun went down kids were flocking to the Manilla Snowcone station. If you have an outdoor event in the future, look them up! And who watches a movie without popcorn? Not us! Oleander Cafe has you covered in that department with their mobile popcorn machine and they will have it PUMPING out bags all night!  Huge SHOUTOUT to our sponsor Kansas Secured Title who brought cool beverages and some great swag for everyone!

Part of the excitement at Evergy Plaza is their splash pad / fountain light show.  We were also able to close out the night with a private fountain show that had the kids dancing burning off all of that sugar from earlier in the night!

After the last couple of years, this event was exactly what we needed! The opportunity to see so many smiling faces in one spot, you can’t pass that up!  We are beyond thankful for all of our clients and everyone in the community.  Without you, we would never have been able to serve the Greater Topeka Community for as long as we have.  Here’s to another 40 years and more!

Don’t forget! If you know someone interested in real estate, have them contact us!